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Is a Sugar Detox for Everyone? – Day 1

January 4, 2016

I’ve had a few folks asking the question: Is a sugar detox really for everyone? If I eat pretty well most of the time, what is the benefit of doing something so “extreme?”  While I believe a sugar detox may have a more pronounced impact on the health of someone who is battling with disease, there are still some benefits to be derived from a sugar detox even if you are following a relatively healthy diet and wellness plan. The Beacon Sugar Detox is designed to be helpful for:

Those suffering with a chronic health condition, especially cancer, diabetes, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, autism, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and heart disease. Cutting sugar is key when mounting an effort to battle chronic disease because these sorts of conditions have been shown to be exacerbated by sugar. Sugar causes inflammation and inflammation has been shown to worsen pretty much every chronic disease known to man. Important Note: The Beacon Sugar Detox is not designed, nor am I personally licensed, to diagnose, cure or treat any disease condition. An eating plan like the Beacon Sugar Detox can support your body’s natural ability to balance its systems and processes, thereby assisting your body’s ability to fight disease. Talk to you doctor or other health care provider about the Beacon Sugar Detox and how it can help with the course of treatment he or she has prescribed for your condition.

Healthy individuals who may be unaware of their “sweet tooth” (and potential trouble it can cause down the road). It’s about changing our taste buds so we are more attuned to what sweet truly is (or should be). In this sense a sugar detox becomes preventative. Dial back the sugar monster when you are healthy and you are less likely to suffer from chronic health issues later.

Those who are suffering from sugar addiction (either fully aware or unconsciously).  Studies have shown that even moderate sugar consumption can create true addiction, setting us up for health issues later in life. And what’s worse: many times we are completely ignorant to the addiction. Cutting sugar, cold turkey, is a way to reveal an addiction to sugar and help us to make good choices around how much sugar we truly want to include in our diet in a conscious way. I can’t tell you how many people are shocked at around day 5 or 10 of a sugar detox to find how addicted they truly are to the sweet stuff. And when folks have completed the detox it is very normal for folks to comment on how sickeningly sweet any dessert they try at that point is to them. Sugar addiction is a chronic condition of our society and we need to start shaking off the blinders.

I firmly believe sugar is a component God wanted us to have in our diets for a specific reason – Celebration. It’s the Joy Food Group! You see throughout the Bible the inclusion of raisins, dates, figs and honey during celebrations — weddings, festivals, etc. (You also see it used for very quick energy needs, as well (i.e., war time food). Sugar wasn’t consumed as an everyday food. So if we are looking for a pattern to emulate, this just might be it. The Beacon Sugar Detox can serve as a reset from a modern day take on sugar back to a Biblical perspective where sugar was used minimally and with purpose.

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