#54: A Prophetic Word to The New Renaissance Creatives

October 9, 2021

The Lord spoke a word to me this morning for Creatives. I’m sharing it, word for word, with you inside this episode of the podcast.

On the morning of October 8th I had a dream that was distinctly from the Lord. I woke up from the dream and grabbed my phone to record the interpretation of the word as God spoke to me. What I wrote down is what I’m sharing with you here on the podcast today — word for word what I heard, without any interrupting commentary.

This word is to Creatives — “New Renaissance Creatives.” God is moving through Creativity in this season and we will see a harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom and being reconciled to the heart of the Father as a result of moving in Creativity, but also in experiencing the manifestations of the Creativity that God is sending into the earth through Creatives right now.

Are you a Creative? I pray that as you encounter this word from the Lord you will be edified and inspired. Now is your time! Are you ready to step out boldly and create according to the heart of God as he reveals it to you?

Here’s the prophetic word I shared in the episode:

From the crafter to the artisan. From the visionary to the innovator.

It’s the expression of creativity that will shift culture in this hour.

Notice the tearing down of creativity in our culture right now. So much of the sound of “Let’s make everything and everyone THE SAME.”

Creativity brings differentiation. The lean towards “all the same” is an attack on creativity because the devil knows creativity will be the BREAKTHROUGH in this season.

I hear the Lord calling for a Renaissance of Bold Creativity. But this Renaissance will be the Lord’s. It will not be about humanism and individualism and the removal of the mystery of God. This Renaissance will be the one where God’s Creativity runs through the people by His grace. This is a Kairos moment, but we get to hold the paint brush.

In the earth what we have seen is the destruction of Bold Creativity. Everything creative now must be representative of the propaganda of darkness and humanism. Statues and monuments being torn down because their “messaging” is questionable. National architecture being changed from classical to modern. Everything shifting to black and white.

You’re either right or wrong. Harsh labels on everything. This is the perversion of God’s absolute Truth. Yes, God’s truth is righteous and a Holy Standard, but it is displayed in creativity and diversity. The human mind can never pair the absoluteness of Truth with the flow of creativity. Only God can do that in and through his people.

God is in the flow. His beauty rises up from the chaos. For SURE, he is a God of the absolute, but he expresses it in creativity. He is the Creator. And because we are made in his image, we can have access to this paradoxical balance if we will step into his flow. Allow the paint brush in our hand to be powered and directed by his Spirit.

We have an opportunity to step into a rebirthing process. That’s what the word Renaissance means. Much like in the beginning of time, when the earth was formless and void and the Holy Spirit came and hovered over the deep with all of his potential. And then God SPOKE and creation manifested according to the dream in his heart. At any moment we can cry out, “God this is CHAOS! There is a void here. What should we form?” and He can and will step in with a word and bring form and function. And in this season he will do this through the creation and creativity he’s going to put through people.

In a way, repentance is a call for God’s spirit of creativity. We are saying, “We know it’s not supposed to look like THIS or be like THIS. God, we know you have a better plan. Show us what it’s like.” The shift of thought, the ability to open our souls to the shift of God, that makes the creativity of Heaven come down. Creativity can pour into the submitted heart and the heart that wishes to partner with God who works through the creative process in the earth.

The transition of the earth to the Kingdom is an act of creativity. The vision we capture from Heaven about this transition, the revelation God gives to us about this transition, this all comes out of the creative heart of God.

Humanity is a tapestry. The various colors of skin, different nations, different languages and cultures, different giftings and callings — these are all an expression of the creativity of God. He could have put all of this into one person, one nation, one culture, but instead he decided to weave with many different colorful threads. It brings his heart great joy to see the harmony and unity that is possible with the infinite colors and textures he has created for this purpose.

To want everyone and everything to be the same is an affront to the creativity of God. To want everyone and everything to be the same is generally an indication of wanting power and control. Creativity in this season is what will break the chains of the power hungry, controlling spirit that is roaming around in the earth at this time. Creativity melts those chains.

We must celebrate diversity, but not artificial, forced diversity. God’s diversity. Not “genetically modified” diversity. Diversity is the creativity of nature. BROAD SPECTRUM brings depth to life.

God says, “My creativity is organic. It’s wild-caught. It’s free-range. It’s close to the ground. It’s not engineered or genetically modified. It’s as I always intended it to be, and it remains because it is inherent in my Word, which never passes away. You cannot separate my creativity from my word. And you cannot change my word.”

I hear the heart of the Lord calling out to the creatives. The creatives will shift culture in this season. The Renaissance was a massive example of this, but that rebirth ultimately resulted in humanism being celebrated – a song that went, “Look how amazing and powerful WE are!” And it largely forgot about the God who made that amazement and power possible. God is now calling for the next Renaissance.

But this Renaissance will be about the celebration of holy and righteous creativity. The celebration of true diversity and unity. The celebration of the heart of God being manifested into the earth. As God calls to the creatives, it is an act of obedience to step in and begin to boldly create with vigor.

I see him sending a wind of inspiration across the earth. It’s coming out of the throne room of heaven and through the four corners of the earth into every region, and it’s causing a swelling up of creative production in the earth that will radically change culture. It will bring the Kingdom in a more vibrant and “all of the senses” way than we have ever seen.

And it’s this movement of the heart of God across the earth in this CREATIVE way that is going to result in a very large number of people you’d have NEVER thought would come into the family of God, streaming in and celebrating all the way. The creativity of God flowing through people and into the manifested realm will be the sound that leads them to the real Jesus and into the family of God. The celebration in heaven for this day has been building and it’s about to explode!

God says this to the Creative: “Do not think about the money given for your creations as value. Think of your obedience and the outpouring into the fruit of your labor as value. The devil has solidified this sound in the creative community — “Don’t you dare create for free. They must pay you the value. They must see YOUR value.” This is a sound that has its roots in the last Renaissance, but God is coming to undo that lie. He’s bringing such a sense of impact and fulfillment in the fruit of the work itself, that worrying about the cash value just won’t make sense to us anymore. But God will be handling it nevertheless.

I see wealthy Christians that God is waking up to fund this Renaissance. In the last renaissance it was the Church itself that funded much of the creativity, and the devil got his hands in that process and did some terrible things inside the Church. But I see God working through individuals in this Renaissance – individual followers of Jesus who see what God is doing in this wave of Creativity and want to fund the work of the Kingdom.

These individuals who fund the work will not have ulterior motives. They will not try to control the ones they fund. And the ones who are funded should not waste time trying to find these individuals. The individuals will be called of God to fund this work and they will find the Creatives they are meant to find. It’s going to be a fully supernatural experience from idea to funding to manifestation. God will get all the glory!

God says this to the Creatives, “I set the value for what you will create. And your creativity must flow like a rushing River in this season. You don’t have time to set the price for what you are creating and you’ll get it wrong anyway because the value of what you are creating in this season is so much greater than the human concept of cash changing hands. Creativity is going to rebirth culture. Your creativity will be a move of my power in the earth and that is priceless. Stop writing out price tags and start getting caught up in the creative flow I’m pouring through you.”

Righteous graffiti. I hear the Lord saying righteous graffiti. Not defacing other people’s property. But the “leaving” of acts of creativity for the public to see and to be changed by. Many will be fighting over the rights to display this righteous graffiti on their territory. Discernment must be used to determine where your creativity should be displayed for my Glory, says the Lord. It will never be the highest bidder, says the Lord. I will intentionally tell my people who will fund this Renaissance to not play the bidding war game. I will give them a number. And it will be because both parties know the number I have given that they will know who to work with and where to display this righteous graffiti.

People will find God through the creativity of this season — both in their own acts of creativity and also in the creative acts of others.

I boldly call Hollywood to attention. God says, “Remember your first Love.” And what he’s talking about is the return to the love of CREATING. God was in that original and Holy desire to CREATE. A character, a setting, a mood, a point of crisis needing to be resolved. The original intent of the heart of Hollywood was imagination and creativity for people to step into and feel the Powerful Atmosphere of a supernatural creator – vibrant, all the senses touched, the heart experiencing all the emotions, to be brought to a resolution that helps us to see God in the midst of all life.

But then the heart of man wanted to have full control of the process. Man began to see how humanity could be shifted by creativity. Manipulated. Controlled. And so men began to build Towers of Babel to touch heaven and assign themselves as the grand designers of how creativity would be used. But God says NO MORE.

In this season, God is waking up the baby creatives. The innocent ones. He’s waking up the finger painting toddlers. He’s waking up the ones with the imaginations that just won’t quit. The innovators who nearly blow up the nursery with their inventions, but all with a heart of creativity. These New Renaissance Creatives are humming the song, “But what if? Because he is singing it? But what if, because my heart is set to the song? But what if, because I feel the life of God flowing in these colors and these sounds and these textures and expressions?” It’s the sense in this season that your Creativity can change the world that will usher in the greatest Holy Renaissance we’ve ever seen in history. And God will get the glory!

There is a Holy creativity coming to the earth in this season and it’s coming through the heart of the people — from crafter to artisan. From hobbyist to grand professional. From visionary to innovator. He will come through whatever heart will allow him to come through. This may not look the way you thought it would.

God has the superior creativity. His will cause the greatest contentment and fulfillment to come on the creative heart through this next season. As we embrace his creativity, we will be changed and what we create will transform culture. And as culture is transformed we will see a natural, joyful, repentant turning back to the heart of God. It will look like the most beautiful and appointed return to the garden – singing, dancing, shouting for joy – that we could ever imagine.

Listen to this, he says: It was my creativity in the story of my son’s sacrifice, death and resurrection that was always designed to save the world. Now I have prepared another wave of that story through the hearts of humanity in these end times and it’s riding on a wave of bold and inspired creativity that comes right out of my own heart and into yours. How will you respond?

This is the rise of the New Renaissance Creative. Do you hear the call for creativity coming out of heaven? Be bold! He’s riding on the Holy creativity that he’s sending through the hearts of the people in this season. This will change EVERYTHING. Watch what happens!

Scriptures referred to in the prophetic word:

Genesis 1:1-3 —
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Genesis 11:1-9 —
Now the whole earth had one language and the same words. And as people migrated from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there. And they said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks, and burn them thoroughly.” And they had brick for stone, and bitumen for mortar. Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth.” And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of man had built. And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another’s speech.” So the Lord dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city. Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth. And from there the Lord dispersed them over the face of all the earth.

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