#20: Why You Need to Actively Steward Your Health Right Now

January 31, 2021

Have you ever heard the term “stewarding health?”

Do you know what it means to steward your health? If you are a Christian and have read your Bible at all, you may know that this “stewarding health” phrase is a concept you can find in the word of God. Jesus actually told parables that included stewards. Stewarding means to care for something you do not necessarily own. Sometimes you’ve been paid to do this stewarding and sometimes you do it as a function of being a part of a family.

We are called as sons and daughters — kind of like apprentices in the family business — to steward things God has given to us in our lives. We steward gifts he’s given us, relationships he’s given us and even things like the portions of faith, hope and health he’s given us. He calls us to enjoy these things but to also be responsible to guard them and care for them.

When it comes to stewarding health, God has given each of us a portion of health, and it is our responsibility to steward it. Our bodies are considered to be temples of the living God; the Holy Spirit lives inside of us as believers. So to the extent we maintain and care for our bodies, we are stewarding our “temple” well and our health will be protected.

But did you know that you aren’t just a body? If you’ve listened to episode #3 of the Positioned to Prosper podcast, you are aware that you are a triune being. You ARE a spirit, you HAVE a soul and you LIVE IN a body. In order to effectively your steward health, you must understand this triune health concept and how your triune being works. Once you do, it’s to you to walk in such a way that you care for your health holistically — spirit, soul and body. And you need to do this because you are carrying the very presence of God AND the purpose and call for your life that he created you for. If you don’t steward health well, you won’t be around long enough or strong enough to do and be all God created you for.

It is vital that we understand how to steward our health right now, and so I wanted to give you some resources and tools to help in this endeavor. If this is something you want to lean into and learn more about, grab your journal and a pen, and . . . Let’s Go!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • A refresher on the concept of the triune being and triune health (as discussed at length in episode 3 of the Positioned to Prosper podcast);
  • Why it is so important to steward your health right now;
  • Various resources and tools that I have for you to access where you can learn more about stewarding health well — spirit, soul and body — and some places where you can join a community of people who are running together to steward health well.

Scripture References mentioned in this episode:

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 —
Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

Links to Resources and Events Mentioned in This Episode:

The Beacon 21 Day Reset — Are you ready to embark on a healthy lifestyle, making one small habit change at a time? If so, this program is for you! By making one small change per day (and maintaining each change throughout the 21-day program period), you will establish a foundation for healthy living — spirit, soul and body.

The Beacon 21 Day Reset is a set of 21 habits that work at one of the levels of your triune being — spirit, soul and body — to help you engage and see improvements in general health. We incorporate one habit per day during the 21 days and then we maintain the new habit plus the previously introduced habits for the remainder of the 21 days. It’s that simple.

To learn more about The Beacon 21 Day Reset you can go to www.ericapyle.com/ResetNow.

If you aren’t ready just yet to jump into a structured program like The Beacon 21 Day Reset, come check out The Beacon Lifestyle Community. This is a free community hosted inside a Facebook group where we discuss concepts and principles from the Beacon programs. You will find impromptu trainings here as well as an active community that shares recipes, encouragement and support as we all journey on the road of stewarding health at the next level together. To learn more and to join the group, go to: www.ericapyle.com/beacon.

Are you looking for a collaborative of women to be a part of where you can be encouraged, equipped and empowered to make the sound God has placed on your life? Do you want to be sharpened and challenged to do it while following Jesus and walking out his word? If so, you’re invited to come join us in the REVIVE Woman Community over on Facebook.

The REVIVE Woman Community is a vibrant place where women interact with and support each other while being challenged to stretch and grow into all God has made them to be. If you’re ready to grow to the next level in your purpose and walk with Jesus, come join us!

I’m so excited to tell you that the Positioned to Prosper Personal Finance Series is coming to a laptop or a smart phone near you! Seriously, I’m running a live round of Positioned to Prosper on Friday nights in February and March at 7pm ET and this will accessible online. I’ll be teaching at REVIVE Church of Tampa (that’s our church here in West Tampa) at our Friday Night ENCOUNTER services and so it will stream live on the church’s platforms, but also on my public page, Erica Pyle, on Facebook. Cool, right?

Now, maybe you’re wondering what the Positioned to Prosper Personal Finance Series is. Positioned to Prosper is a course that drills down deep into the concepts of true prosperity and the spiritual hurdles that keep us from it. Over the course of 5 weeks, in this case (the course is normally 6 weeks), we cover the four ways God provides – enough, abundance, inheritance and prosperity – and we break each of those concepts down and define them biblically and understand how to access each one.

We talk about lies and fears we’ve bought into or have been taught to believe around personal finances and money, and we do the work of breaking those things off and exchanging them for better and true beliefs. And then we get into the practicalities of personal finance – things like getting out of debt, budgeting and planning, giving, and then saving and investing and how these things work once we’ve got our definitions straight and our souls lined up with truth.

A question I get asked a lot is if this teaching series is just like some of the other popular faith-based personal finance courses out there. These are courses that are generally sponsored by your church and they do small group sessions over a number of weeks to take the community through the curriculum. You know what I’m talking about, right? So I have folks ask me if this is the same thing, and here’s what I say about that . . .

Positioned to Prosper is the pre-requisite to all of those courses. While, yes, Positioned to Prosper has components of basic teaching on getting out of debt and budgeting and giving and saving, the real power of this series lies in the deep stuff we do to redefine personal finance terms so they are aligned with Biblical principles and in breaking off the lies and fear that we’ve been dealing with – sometimes even through generations and generations – that is keeping us bound in lack and poverty mentalities and producing weak fruit in our financial lives as a result.

I tell folks to take Positioned to Prosper first and then consider taking any courses that are focused mainly on the practicalities of personal finance because, if you don’t get your thinking, feeling and choosing aligned with the truth of God first, any personal finance program or process you try to follow will simply fail when you stop working it step by step, because you didn’t align your beliefs first.

I’m offering the live sessions of Positioned to Prosper on Friday nights in February and the first half of March for FREE to anyone who wants to come. I’ll also be offering a workbook for a nominal fee so you can access powerful course materials that will guide you through the exercises and also give you the notes from the live sessions to review after each session is over. This is going to be an incredibly powerful time of clarifying your beliefs around money and how to get those beliefs lined up with real truth so you can see the power of real prosperity flowing through your personal finances. We have tons of testimonies of people getting radically set free in this area of how they relate to money and provision and I can’t wait to share not only their stories but also how they did it, because you can do it too!

Sound like something you want in on? Then I want you to head to www.ericapyle.com/prosper to get on the list so I can send you the details about how to access this free course starting February 19th and how to get your hands on the workbook for a nominal fee. It’s going to be SO GOOD . . . be sure to jump in!

Erica co-leads a local church alongside her husband, Doug, in Tampa, Florida called REVIVE Church of Tampa. You can visit the church’s website for more information about who we are, what we believe and how we show up as the Church in the heart of West Tampa and beyond.

REVIVE Church of Tampa

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About this podcast:

Positioned to Prosper is a weekly podcast that covers the ins and outs of what it means to live a lifestyle of breakthrough and victory in your relationships, health, finances and beyond. Your host, Erica Pyle, is no stranger to jumping without the proverbial parachute while maintaining a firm grip on godly wisdom. A self-described slayer of pragmatism and a “walk by faith” kind of girl, Erica is an unabashed believer in the power of God to radically transform lives. Front-footed in faith as she offers straight-up truth, strategies, and wisdom for living victoriously, and equipped with her love for the word of God, her certification as a holistic health coach, and years of experience in personal finance and taxation, Erica is ready to help you get positioned to prosper.

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Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. - 3 John 2

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